Fill in the Blanks Type Questions

  1. you need to follow____________, because they are___________.

  2. I’m secure enough with myself to admit____________

  3. ___________is stupid and pointless

  4. __________ is absolutely disgusting.

  5. ___________ is the sexiest thing ever

  6. I’m a bit biased when it comes to__________.

  7. I don’t feel sorry for people that__________.

  8. What I really want to do is_____________.

  9. The greatest thing I’ve learned so far is____________.

  10. The greatest thing about being me is___________.

  11. What I love most about being alive is___________.

  12. I hate it when people___________.

  13. If I could go back in time, I would_________.

  14. I’m just trying to_________.

  15. It’s a nice day for a__________.

  16. Sometimes,I really wish i could___________.
  17. I shouldn’t have __________.
  18. ___________will be mine.
  19. All i ever wanted was_________.
  20. The time has come to____________!

                                                                                      Special Thanks To :- @Snowfl0werr

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