M.A.Q stands for “MOST ANSWERED QUESTIONS”  below you will find most loved questions on formspring/ask.fm 

  1. How far is your destiny? [12 Responses ]

  2. Do you yawn in your sleep? [11 Responses]

  3. Why do people never say “it’s only a game” when they’re winning? [11 Responses]

  4. on what device you are using formspring right now? [13 Responses]

  5. Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves? [15 Responses]

  6. If a person dies and then springs back to life, do they get their money back for the coffin? [13 Responses]

  7. Is someone hurting you mentally at the moment? [11 Responses]

  8. Do you get scared by your own nightmares? [ 13 Responses]

  9. Are you proud of having some friends instead of 100 fakes? [ 13 Responses]

  10. Yes or No :- Do you like movies from Harry Potter? [ 20 Responses]

  11. Yes or No :- Are you afraid of people? [15 Responses]

  12. Yes or No :- Do you like winters? [16 Responses]

  13. Yes or No :- Would you destroy,what destroys you? [17 Responses]

  14. Yes or No :- Are you ashamed of yourself? [14 Responses]

  15. Yes or No:- Do you like cats? [ 18 Responses]

  16. Yes or No :- Do you believe in Hell? [ 17 Responses]

  17. Yes or No :- Are you in love? [ 18 Responses]

  18. Yes or No :- Do you think it’s hard to sleep at night? [13 Responses]

  19. Yes or No :- Do you hate school? [17 Responses]

  20. Are your parents over protective? [13 Responses]

  21. Is your room a mess right now? [12 Responses]

  22. What will happen if i leave formspring? [22 Responses]

  23. People who answer question ‘s in Different Language’s :- if you can read english then why can’t you write? [ 15 Responses]

  24. what girls want ? [28 Responses]

  25. What was your last T.V show you watched? [17 Responses]

  26. I love smiling at random people. Some of them smile back. Some of them get really creeped out, but that makes it worth it., DO YOU SMILE TO RANDOM PEOPLES? [30 Responses]

  27. What are 5 things you love? [21 Responses]

  28. Are you still friends with the people you met in elementary school? [20 Responses]

  29. How are you feeling right now? [ 155 Responses]

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