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Hey Wait!,I want to tell you something…

Well first of all i would like to thanks all of you for the huge success of this blog,.really you are the people who give me idea,inspiration  and encourage me to do something new.,so here i’m with my new blog “ Know About Love” A blog where you can share your Opinion,Love Story,Your,Experience about love.A blog where you all can share anything about love it could be your love story or how you were feel when you are with your love? or even it could be what girls/guys like.it could be anything…i think you all are getting what i’m trying to say..so please go on have a look and let me know if you have any trouble

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Fill in the Blanks Type Questions

  1. you need to follow____________, because they are___________.

  2. I’m secure enough with myself to admit____________

  3. ___________is stupid and pointless

  4. __________ is absolutely disgusting.

  5. ___________ is the sexiest thing ever

  6. I’m a bit biased when it comes to__________.

  7. I don’t feel sorry for people that__________.

  8. What I really want to do is_____________.

  9. The greatest thing I’ve learned so far is____________.

  10. The greatest thing about being me is___________.

  11. What I love most about being alive is___________.

  12. I hate it when people___________.

  13. If I could go back in time, I would_________.

  14. I’m just trying to_________.

  15. It’s a nice day for a__________.

  16. Sometimes,I really wish i could___________.
  17. I shouldn’t have __________.
  18. ___________will be mine.
  19. All i ever wanted was_________.
  20. The time has come to____________!

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Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to “Formspring & Ask.fm Questions” here on this blog you’ll find all Handpicked,Top and most answered Questions that all in need and tidy manner, all under the categories. so what’s waiting for move-on search for your questions and get awesome feedback, and cool replies 🙂

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