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Well first of all i would like to thanks all of you for the huge success of this blog,.really you are the people who give me idea,inspiration  and encourage me to do something new.,so here i’m with my new blog “ Know About Love” A blog where you can share your Opinion,Love Story,Your,Experience about love.A blog where you all can share anything about love it could be your love story or how you were feel when you are with your love? or even it could be what girls/guys like.it could be anything…i think you all are getting what i’m trying to say..so please go on have a look and let me know if you have any trouble

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  1. Does it bother you when someone eats off your plate without asking if they can have a piece?

  2. If you met your younger self, is there anything you’d prevent or encourage them to do?

  3. What is your style of hanging bags?

  4. Who did you last kiss?

  5. Were you ever suspended or expelled from school?

  6. Where can a person find real concrete reliable answers to cope with personal problems?

  7. Has a pet ever stolen food from you as you were eating it?The dog just snatched a piece of toast from my daughter as she was taking a bite!lol

  8. if you had to sleep with one person’s dead body, who’s would it be?

  9. Do you think that you will fall in love with someone soon?

  10. If your bedroom walls could talk, what do you think they would say to you?


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